About Us

Sedbergh Christian Centre

Background & Leadership

Sedbergh Christian Centre was born out of the vision of the Lakes Christian Centre in Windemere. (L C C itself was formed in 1924 in the Langdale Valley. The work moved to Ambleside in the early 80’s, and onto Windermere in the mid-90’s.) At the beginning of the 21st Century, a few families moved through to Sedbergh and set up an independent work.

However, we do not consider ourselves to be more than a “One Talent Church.” On a good day we might get 20 people coming through to a meeting, but we refuse to bury what God has given us & seek to work, with all the strength His grace provides, to effectively preach the reality of Christ to a lost & dying world - a world that doesn’t yet realise their need of The Saviour.

Currently because the number of people coming to our normal Sunday evening services has, as many other Church have discovered during the lock downs, dwindled tom just a handful, we are doing live YouTube services fortnightly on Friday afternoons at 4.00pm.



David Hendrickse is a husband to Claire, father to Johanna, Rachel, Rebekah and David junior.  He is a senior carer (working with children, in a local children’s home, that have been exploited & moved by social services away from harmful influences & circumstances) & is also the Elder/Pastor leading the work at Sedbergh Christian Centre.  His heart is always to meet people where they are at and to prayerfully support them as God turns their lives around.

Currently, as the other elder has retired from being an elder to support his wife, & as the deacon & his family left the Church because of theological disagreements, David is the only elder at Sedbergh Christian Centre.